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The�ʉÛÓ̤„�‰۪_‰۪•À_‰۪‰Û÷_́‰۪‰Û÷‰۪__Íâ‰۪Ìà뢉۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪__‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷_‰۪_å«̬__‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷__‰۪_Ì_̢Íâ‰۪‰Û÷‰۪å_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪__‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷__‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪____Niva Suspension Light is a delightful piece which adds soft elegant illumination to your space without overwhelming the interiors. Thedesign creates a focal point in any interior space or environment. Crafted out of white powder coated aluminium, the piece has a cage style at the bottom which provides warm illumination.

Total Product Size (in inches):9.7x9.7x26

Colour: White

Material: Aluminium

Bulb Holder: E27

Wire Length : 40 inches