Hanging Lights for the Minimalists

Hanging Lights for the Minimalists

Minimalistic lighting style is characterised by simpler forms, cleaner lines, dramatic shapes and neutral colours. They may seem simple but can make a very unique statement and clearly demonstrate that Less is Indeed More! If you are a lover of modern minimalistic lighting style with a speck of character and drama, then you will surely be inspired by the Minimalistic Pendant Lights from our exclusive collection.
August 06, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain
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Console Table Decor : Table Lamps to Choose From

A console table can truly transform the feel and look of your room. One essential element which adds that drama and highlights all your other elements on your console table is the Table Lamp. A table lamp on the console table also adds height to your vignette. Our exclusive collection of modern and luxurious table lamps has various designs and concept for you to choose from.

July 12, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain
Stairwell Chandelier | Black Gold Chandelier | Foyer Lighting | Entrance Chandelier

Stairwell Chandeliers - Inspiring Ideas to Light up your Stairway

A stairwell in a house may not be your favourite spot to hangout, but it certainly is a significant area in terms of design. Transform your modest stairway into an elegant one by adding a chandelier. Check out ideas to light up your stairway and achieve various looks with different stairwell chandeliers.
June 06, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain
Pendant Lamp for Dining Room Lighting | Dining Table Hanging Light | Buy Lighting Online India

Pendant Light Ideas for your Dining Table

Pendant Lighting is one of the most popular lighting styles in the market today. You can dress up your dining table with fancy crockery, cutlery, napkins, placemats etc, but it will most certainly be incomplete without some lighting above it. In this post, we will give you beautiful ideas as to how to brighten up your dining table with beautiful clusters of stunning pendant lights.
May 08, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain
Interior Design Statement Chandelier - Living Room Chandelier | Buy Statement Chandeliers Online India

Striking Chandeliers to Make a Design Statement

A chandelier can elevate your living room design like no other decor element. Statement chandeliers are sizeable and striking, and are sure to grab glances and compliments. We bring to you some stunning Statement Chandeliers which will amp up your design quotient and add drama and glamour to your space.
April 10, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain
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Light it Right: Your Guide to Proper Desk Lighting

Lighting your workspace properly is essential to improve your productivity. Proper lighting sets the right mood and energy to focus on work and be free from distraction. Your office desk needs layered lighting to enhance its functionality and style. Read our lighting guide for the right ways to light up your office desk.
March 26, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain
Trends to Try : Bedside Hanging Lights

Trends to Try : Bedside Hanging Lights

Pendant Lights are not just meant for the kitchen and dining. You can now say goodbye to the bedside table lamps which clutter your nightstand and leave you with no space to place your stuff, and opt for trendy hanging lights instead.
March 12, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain
Light it Right: Find the Ideal Floor Lamp for your Living Room

Light it Right: Find the Ideal Floor Lamp for your Living Room

A floor lamp is a very versatile piece of lighting. It can be moved around to light up a dark corner, or to brighten up your favourite reading spot on the sofa, or simply to add a sophisticated decorative element in your living room. Below are a few things to consider to select the perfect floor that seamlessly fits into your living room décor.

February 26, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain
Lighting Ideas for a Modern Home - Residential Lighting Project

Lighting Ideas for a Modern Home - Residential Lighting Project

Lighting has evolved to become a crucial aspect of modern home décor. Stylish lighting fixtures not only highlight the decorative elements in your home, but they themselves make a unique statement with their presence. We would like to share some lighting ideas you can get inspired from and incorporate in your home.
February 14, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain
Modern Wall Sconces for your Bathroom Vanity

Modern Wall Sconces for your Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom lighting should set a relaxing mood to unwind. Besides, there should be adequate task lighting to carry out your daily rituals. Here are Top modern and luxurious bathroom wall lights you can use to light up your vanity. Brighten your bathroom with our unique collection of bath lights.

January 31, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain
Trending Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

Pendants Lights to Design a Pinterest-Worthy Kitchen Island

If you are looking to add a kitchen island to your home, then you have a myriad of pendant light options to choose from. We have curated a list of 15 super trendy and stylish Pendant Lights you can buy to design one of the most Trending Kitchen Island from Pinterest.
January 20, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain
Lighting Trends 2018 | Buy Modern Lighting Online India at Best Prices

Top Lighting Trends for 2018

If furniture gives a character to a space, it is the lighting which sets the mood. Interior lighting has become a crucial aspect of modern décor and the lighting industry is projected to grow in billions by 2020. Lighting trends are inspired by technological advancements, incursion of new materials, human creativity, novel forms and user preferences. Here are top 7 trends in lighting for 2018!
January 09, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain