Wave Glass

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The�ʉÛÓ̤„�‰۪_‰۪•À_‰۪‰Û÷_́‰۪‰Û÷‰۪__Íâ‰۪Ìà뢉۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪__‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷_‰۪_å«̬__‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷__‰۪_Ì_̢Íâ‰۪‰Û÷‰۪å_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪__‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷__‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪____Wave Glass Pendant is a beautiful pendant light created out of thick blown glasses. The exterior of each piece is characterised by hand cut radiating lines. The pendant gives a magical illumination as it distorts and diffuses the light emerging through the dense raw glass. Add elegance and style to you interior space through this pendant lamp.Ideal for use in entryways and over dining room tables as a statement piece.

Total Product Size (in inches):20x20x12

Material: Glass

Colour: Transparent

Bulb Holder: E27

Wire Length: 40 inches