If furniture gives a character to a space, it is the lighting which sets the mood. Interior lighting has become a crucial aspect of modern décor and the lighting industry is projected to grow in billions by 2020. Lighting trends are inspired by technological advancements, incursion of new materials, human creativity, novel forms and user preferences. Here are top 7 trends in lighting for 2018!

Mid Century Modern
As the retro and mid-century styles are making a comeback, interior designers are opting for a variety of burst, sputnik and branching chandeliers. These designs are a piece of art and have a bewitching charm of their own. They are characterised by sharp lines, geometric shapes and functional forms.
Lighting Tip: The unique shape of these designs bring a playful feel and can be used as a conversation starter in the living room, entrance area or lounge.

Weber Chandelier by Jainsons Emporio
Modern Industrial
The retro and rustic industrial style is making a revival in a completely modern way. The contemporary industrial designs have richer tones of metal chiseled in sleeker shapes, as opposed to the traditional warehouse style lighting.
Lighting Tip: The modern retro lighting designs will add a lot of soul and character to your interiors. Install them in a row of three or more pendants above your kitchen island or dining.

Meslan Pendant Lamp by Jainsons Emporio
Brass & Gold
Brushed metal in brass and gold finish will continue to be in vogue in 2018. This pretty trend will add brightness and glamour to your living area.
Lighting Tip: For modern interiors with soft painted walls, gold is the perfect way to add that sparkle. We suggest you use an antique brass suspension paired with a brass finish table lamp in your living room.

Brubeck Chandelier by Jainsons mporio
Minimalism & Clean Lines
Modern minimalism is inspired by clean forms and simple designs. The traditional ornamented fixtures with intricate metalwork are outmoded. Home decorators are opting for sleeker designs with less clutter to complement the modern décor. This trend is inspired by geometric designs, halo shapes and soft colours.
Lighting Tip: The sophisticated statement piece should be placed in your living room, bedroom and kitchen as a standalone element. To create a bold look, do not congest it with other fixtures.
 Coltra LED Lamp by Jainsons Emporio
Oversized Pendants
Mini pendants and delicate chandeliers are out. Make a dramatic impact with a large pendant over your dining, kitchen island or foyer.
Lighting Tip: Make sure to use only one large fixture in the central area, while balancing out with smaller fixtures in other areas of the room.

Oversized Pendant Lamp
Metallic Glass
Hand blown glasses moulded into different shapes and colours will be extensively used to create stunning lighting designs in 2018. Glass pendants polished in champagne and rose gold shades and mercury glass table lamps will add an artisanal vibe to your home.
Lighting Tip: Coloured glass pendants and table lamps are versatile and can be used in any room of your house. Use the pendants with filament bulbs to add a warm glow.

Fire Grande Pendant Lamp by Jainsons Emporio
Last, but definitely the most trending, are the handcrafted lighting designs casted out of concrete. Concrete lights have an intriguing texture and will add a raw appeal to your urban contemporary homes.
Lighting Tip: Concrete pendants are usually available in smaller sizes in polygon shapes and cast a soft glow. You can use them in a row or cluster for your kitchen island.

Sufian Concrete Pendant Lamp by Jainsons Emporio

January 09, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain

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