Your kitchen has evolved from a space to solely prepare food to a key area for entertaining. The Kitchen Island is a fairly new concept, but is gaining tremendous popularity. If you are looking to add a kitchen island to your home, then you have a myriad of pendant light options to choose from. To make a visual impact, hang a group of pendant lamps in a row at different lengths above the island to create ambient task lighting. 

We have curated a list of 12 super trendy and stylish pendant lights styles for inspiration to design one of the most Trending Kitchen Islands from Pinterest.

1. The Bell Jar Lantern - To add grandeur and elegance to your kitchen, hang these generously sized bell jar lanterns over the island. They are readily available in clear, etched or coloured glass with bronze, chrome or black finish options.

Bell Jar Lantern - Tasman Antique Pendant Lamp by Jainsons Emporio

2. The Orbit - Introduce a transitional style to your kitchen island with the glamorous Orbit design. This pendant lamp features a drape of crystals surrounded by a spherical metal frame. 

The Orbit 6-Light Pendant Lamp by Jainsons Emporio

3. The Rustic - You can add that raw industrial charm to your kitchen with pendant lights inspired by workshop and farmhouse style. The rustic finish pendant lights come in tones of bronze, copper and grey to offer a warm glow for a minimal look full of style.

The Perro Rust Pendant Lamp for Kitchen Island Lighting

4. The Industrial Style - Inspired by industrial and barn workshop lighting styles, these handsome pendant lights make a bold impression when installed in a row of three over the kitchen island.

Selor Antique Gold Industrial Pendant Lamp by Jainsons Emporio for Kitchen Island

5. The Concrete - Add character and texture with beautiful pendant light handcrafted out of cement. These hanging lights have a natural element and will render an earthy touch to your kitchen.

The Cerian Concrete Pendant Lamp for Kitchen Island Lighting

6. The Hammered Copper - For a glowing textural element that dazzles, opt for a set of hammered copper pendant lights. Decor pieces with accents of copper is the hottest trend right now, then why shouldn't your kitchen be in vogue?

The Hammered Copper Pendant Lamp for Kitchen Island Lighting

7. The Mirror Ball - Lend an eclectic appeal to your kitchen with silver orbs inspired by the space helmet. These pendant lights are usually available in chrome and copper finishes and have a highly reflective glass shade to add bit of twinkle to your kitchen.

The Silver Globe Pendant Lamp for Kitchen Island Lighting

8. The Minimalistic - Make a unique statement through modern minimalism and functionality with the sleek LED Tube Pendant Lamps. These designs have a slender body infused with energy efficient LEDs for a balance between silhouette and illumination above your kitchen island.

The Minimalistic Pendant Lamp for Kitchen Island Lighting

9. The Glass Effect - Pair a bowed glass shade with a warm Edison filament bulb, and top it with a bronze patina finish! Offering a soft, soothing illumination, you have the most versatile pendant light for your kitchen island.

The Glass Pendant Lamp for Kitchen Island Lighting

10. The Black & Gold - Inspired by cooking pots and water vessels, the range of Sylvia Pendant Lights feature a matte black exterior and a gold leaf interior for a timeless grace. Hang three of these in different shapes and at different lengths to make an eye-catching statement.

Sylvia Beat Black Gold Pendant Lamp by Jainsons Emporio

11. The Nordic White - For a clean and cohesive look, the dome shaped pendant lights in the most stunning colour combination of white and gold are ideal. Opt for oversized pendants to make a bold statement and render ambient task lighting to the kitchen. 

The Nordic White Pendant Lamp for Kitchen Island Lighting

12. The Scandinavian Patina - If you are looking for an uber-chic, modern pendant light, then pick these stylish Scandinavian designs which combine smooth metal work with driftwood.

The Scandinavian Patina Pendant Lamp for Kitchen Island Lighting

January 20, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain

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