Lighting your workspace properly is essential to improve your productivity. Proper lighting sets the right mood and energy to focus on work and be free from distraction. Your office desk needs layered lighting to enhance its functionality. Lighting in layers implies use of multiple lighting fixtures to illuminate an area properly in order to minimise glare and shadows.

A layered lighting approach focuses on three types of lighting: Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting and Accent Lighting. Ambient lighting can be achieved by natural light and ceiling recessed lighting. For dedicated task lighting, make use of desk lamps, swing arm wall lamps or downward facing hanging lamps. Accent lighting may not be essential in your office, but you can always put a pair of wall sconces or a sleek floor lamp to accentuate your office décor.

Natural Light: If your office is lucky to have a source of natural light like a window, place your desk near in a direction so as to avoid distractions and shadows. It is recommended to have the window on either side of your desk.

Ceiling Recessed Light: LED panels lights are a highly popular lighting option above for office lighting. These sleek energy efficient ceiling lights provide uniform illumination over the work area. There are available in various sizes and colour temperatures to suit your requirement.

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Desk Lamps: Dedicated task lighting is very important for your office desk to highlight the area of work. An ideal desk lamp should be portable and adjustable. Opt for a minimal lamp like the Tolomeo Desk Lamp for your workspace. The swing arm of the lamp is adjustable and the contemporary design renders an elegant appeal.

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Swing Arm Wall Lamps: If you are suffering from space crunch on your workstation, you can replace a desk lamp with a swing arm wall lamp for adequate task lighting. We suggest the Pastorius Scissor Arm Wall Light in an elegant black and gold finish, which allows light to be adjusted in different positions.

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Hanging Light: A pendant light above your desk can serve purpose of both accent lighting and task lighting. We recommend using Scandinavian style hanging lamps above your desk for a clean and sophisticated look. For a dramatic effect, you can arrange a group of three pendant lamps in a linear fashion above your workspace.

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Floor Lamp: Just like hanging lights, floor lamps also serve a dual purpose depending upon the design. You can use an arching floor lamp or a multi-lighted floor lamp for task lighting or a sleek drum shade floor lamp for accent lighting.

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March 26, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain

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