The minimalistic interior style has been around for some time and is one of the most popular lighting styles, especially when it comes to ceiling pendant lighting. Hanging lights play a key role to illuminate your home and to enhance your home decor. The market is flooded with creative designs, innovative forms and unique textures for pendant lights for home decoration, to light up your beautiful dining table or add some drama to your kitchen island.

Minimalistic lighting style is characterised by simpler forms, cleaner lines, dramatic shapes and neutral colours. They may seem simple but can make a very unique statement and clearly demonstrate that Less is Indeed More! If you are a lover of modern minimalistic lighting style with a speck of character and drama, then you will surely be inspired by the Minimalistic Pendant Lights from our exclusive collection.

1. IC Globe Pendant Light : A minimalistic Pendant Light, the IC Globe is a contemporary take on industrial style. The hanging ceiling light features an Opal Glass Sphere beautifully balanced on the edge of a sleek angular tubing steel frame in brass finish. The white sphere of the lamp offers diffused ambient lighting and will effortless enhance your home interiors. Available in 3 different sizes, it can be hung alone or in a cluster to create a dramatic impression.

2. Viola Scandinavian Pendant Light : A Scandinavian style Pendant Light, the Viola is a modern Hanging Light which features a dome shaped silhouette and a smooth black outer finish and gold inner finish. The pendant lamp is fitted has a beautiful wood lamp holder and the minimal design is ideal for modern home interiors. The pendant light offers a wide beam of light make it an ideal pendant light for kitchen islands, dining tables and counter.

3. Aplomb LED Pendant Light : A minimal disc-shaped Pendant Light, the Aplomb is a modern LED Hanging Light which features a slim silhouette and a smooth finish. The pendant lamp is fitted with an inbuilt energy-efficient LED and the modern design is crafted by expert skills men. The LED light offers a wide beam of light make it an ideal pendant light for kitchen islands, dining tables and counter.

4. Turian Pendant Light : A modern and refined hanging light, the Turian disposes a grey bell-shaped metal shade with multifaceted edges, allowing light to pass through. The gleaming geometric pendant light is perfect choice besides a chic accent chair or for modern dining rooms. 

5. Candian Scandinavian Pendant Light : Th Scandinavian hanging light features a beige linen lampshade an a metal cage frame which offers beautiful diffused lighting. It is a stunning pendant light for modern home decor. The subtle illumination and industrial Lighting Design will enhance your interiors and make a bold impression.

6. Aballs Gold Pendant Light : A minimal art deco design Pendant Light, the Aballs features a metallic gold cylindrical lamp holder with a white round glass diffuser. The white sphere of the lamp offers diffused ambient lighting and will effortless enhance your home interiors. It is an elegant statement piece lighting for your home.

7. Caviar Grande White Pendant Light : Contemporary style hanging lamp which will add elegance and glamour to your interiors with its designer and modern appeal. This fixture has beautifully crafted lampshades intensified by its perfect finish. It is a sophisticated piece for lighting your entrance, staircase, foyer and living or dining area.

8. Parkin LED Pendant Light : A unique modern design Pendant Light, the Parkin is a task lamp which provides direct light which can be adjusted to the desired area. The ceiling light features a steel cable which connects from floor to ceiling, and the spotlight lamp moves vertically via a bow-shaped tube handle.

9. Flat Saucer Pendant Light : A stylish ceiling pendant lamp which has a gleaming disc-shaped glass lampshade in chrome finish. It offers beautiful lighting and will brighten up your home interiors in a dramatic way. This eclectic style ceiling hanging light features a striking lighting design which will enhance your interior decor.

10. Log Pendant Light : A modular LED lighting system, the Log Pendant Light features a 3 units of cylinders joined end to end. The ceiling hanging light is made of acrylic glass diffusers with polished brass frame. It is an elegant statement decorative lighting for your dining table.

11. Avis LED Pendant Light : A minimal style suspension lamp which takes form and beauty from its thin LED tubes. The brass gold structure gives it an opulent charm and the LED tubes form a modular structure for a modern design. This gold and white ceiling hanging light offers rich ambient lighting and will effortless enhance your home decor.

13. Long Tube Black LED Pendant Light : Hang a cluster of three minimalistic ceiling hanging lights, like our Tube Pendant Light besides your favourite accent chair. These sleek hanging lights for living room make a strong statement without creating much design noise.

14. Aerian Pendant Light : Modern LED ceiling hanging lamp which has a metallic shade in matt finish and a geometric design. The hanging light features a geometric metal lampshade with multifaceted edges, allowing light to pass through. It offers beautiful ambient lighting for your living room.

August 06, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain

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