Cosmic Gold Ring Chandelier

Rs. 63,000.00


Introducing our Cosmic Gold Ring with Glass Tubes Chandelier Ð a radiant marriage of opulence and contemporary design. This captivating chandelier features a luxurious gold ring adorned with meticulously arranged glass tubes, creating a stunning visual display of modern elegance. Whether suspended above a dining table or your living room, or making a grand statement in your foyer, this chandelier is designed to captivate. Jainsons Emporio Gold Chandeliers Online.

Total Fixture Dimensions (in cms ): 80x80x18

Material: Metal & Glass

Colour: Gold

Bulb Holder: G4*28

Care and Maintenance
  • Regularly dust the surface with a soft cotton cloth to keep it free from dust.
  • Use a mild cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe the surface for thorough cleaning.
  • After cleaning with a liquid cleaner, wipe the product with a dry cloth to remove any leftover residue.
  • Avoid applying or spraying cleaners directly onto the product to prevent damage.
  • For the product surface, be careful to remove any leftover residue after cleaning to maintain the shine and finish of the product.