A stairwell in a house may not be your favourite spot to hangout, but it certainly is a significant area in terms of design. Since a stairwell usually commands a lot of attention and attracts many eyeballs, you can transform your modest stairway into an elegant one by adding decorative details like a chandelier. An ornate piece of lighting fixture on your stairwell can essentially give a whole new character to your entrance. This article will give you ideas to light up your stairway and achieve various styles and looks with different stairwell chandeliers.

1. Waterdrop Multi Light Chandelier : Create an inviting walkway with these dramatic Waterdrop pendants. Each pendant has a gold finish with clear glass and different shape. Hang this in your empty stairwell at different heights to create a glamorous effect.

2. Albert Multi-Light Chandelier - Add some drama to an empty stairwell with a playful cluster of pendants like the Albert. They feature a perforated metal shade in satin gold finish and they direct light downwards. The height of the individual pendants can be adjusted to give a unique design to your staircase.

3. Aballs Multi-Light Chandelier - Make a stunning first impression with these luxurious white and gold pendants adorning your stairwell. Aballs features a metallic gold cylindrical lamp holder with a white round glass diffuser. 

4. Ardeco Mid-Century Modern Chandelier : A modern twist on mid-century lighting designs, the Ardeco is a long vertical chandelier featuring warm glass globes supported on a brushed gold branching structure. The elongated form will warmly light up your modern staircase.

5. Hivy LED 10-Light Cluster Suspension - Elevate your stairwell with this stunning 10-light energy-efficient LED hanging lamp. It features a cluster of chrome finish domes with laser cut details which create a play of shadows and light. The Hivy will create a unique pattern of light on your stairway.

6. Pierro LED 15-Light Cluster Suspension - Upgrade your stairwell with style and sophistication with the minimalistic, energy-efficient Pierro LED Chandelier. 15 narrow metal tube with acrylic glass cascade to create a spiral for a fabulous lighting effect.

7. Fire Multi-Light Chandelier - Introduce an artistic flare in your stairwell by suspending a Fire Cluster Chandelier. It features a frosted diffuser concealing a halogen lamp, externally enclosed by a rich copper translucent glass lampshade.

8. Cierro LED 15-Light Cluster Suspension - Sleek and minimalistic, the Cierro features a 15 individual tall cylindrical pendants with laser cut detailing creating a sculptural rainfall-like arrangement. This energy efficient LED cascade suspension is ideal for a modern stairwell.

9. Eldren 10-Lamp Multi-Light Chandelier - For an urban chic appeal, hang a 10-lamp Eldren in your stairwell. A cascade of geometric rust finish metal lampshades with multifaceted edges, allowing light to pass through. The gleaming chandeliers is a perfect choice for chic stairways.

10. Kyler Multi-Light Suspension Lamp - Suspended as a cluster of multiple pendants, the Kyler Cascade Mulit Light Chandelier creates a stunning visual effect in areas where mood lighting plays a key role, such as your stairwell. Each pendant is adjustable, has a matt black finish and a perforated laser cut surface which allows light to pass through to create a dazzling effect.

11. Bravis 9-Lamp Industrial Chandelier - Add stunning sparkke and sophistication to your contemporary stairwell with the Bravis Chandelier. This Vintage style chandelier features a antique forged steel frame with clear glass cylinders, arranged in two tier. This rustic hanging light will enhance your stairwell design decor and make a unique statement.

12. Raven 8-Lamp Industrial Chandelier - Add a rustic element to your modern stairwell. Inspired by the historic ring chandelier, the Raven has 4 rings with 8 arms held by jute for an organic accent, and invisibly wired within. The Edison-style filament bulbs render a soft and warm illumination to your area and is perfect for your living or dining.

13. Selville 2-Tier Traditional Chandelier - Add a vintage charm to your modern stairwell with the Selville antique style chandelier. The classic design features a scrolling wrought iron frame in rich bronze finish, paired with beautiful translucent glass shades. The double tier structure gives it an elongated form ideal for your stairwell lighting.

June 06, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain

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