A floor lamp is a very versatile piece of lighting. It can be moved around to light up a dark corner, or to brighten up your favourite reading spot on the sofa, or simply to add a sophisticated decorative element in your living room. Floor lamps are a great way to add layered lighting in your living room. With a myriad of options available in the market, below are a few things to consider to select the perfect floor that seamlessly fits into your living room décor.

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Size – Before choosing the floor lamp for your living room, measure the height of your ceiling from the floor. The standard height of a floor lamp is 68 inches or 172 cm, which works best for a standard ceiling height of 9 feet. But if you a have a low ceiling, your room will feel compact, and you would need a floor lamp slightly shorter than the standard height. Also keep in mind the bulb of the floor lamp is concealed whether you are sitting or standing, to avoid unnecessary glare and to boost the aesthetics.

Scale – When choosing the floor lamp, also consider the size of the room and size of the furniture in the room. You need to balance the height and diameter of the floor lamp with area of the space where you want to place the floor lamp, and the boldness or sleekness of the furniture. A sleek and slim floor lamp goes well with minimalistic modern furniture, and an elaborate, bold floor lamp will complement oversized furniture.

Functionality – Coming to the most important, what kind of lighting do you need from your floor lamp? Standing lamps can offer task lighting, accent lighting or ambient lighting.

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Task Lighting – If you want to illuminate your work area or reading spot, use an arching floor lamp with an adjustable arm next to your couch or recliner for direct task lighting.

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Accent Lighting – If you want to create drama and character to your area, opt for a statement piece floor lamp. Choose a bold, luxurious floor lamp which will become a focal point in your room and make a unique statement.

Floor Lamp for Living Room by Jainsons Emporio | Buy Modern Floor Lamps Online India

Ambient Lighting – If your living room has inadequate ceiling lighting, you can either choose multi-lighted floor lamps that disperse a wash of light over a larger space or a tall upright floor lamp with a translucent shade.

Placement – After selecting the perfect floor lamp, deliberate about where to place it. If you are using your floor lamp as a task light to accentuate your reading nook, place it behind or at the side of the armchair or sofa, and in way so that the bottom of the shade is at the reader’s eye-level. If you want to illuminate the dark corners of your living room, make sure you have an electrical outlet there.

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Material – Floor lamps are available in various materials like wood, steel, brass, marble, glass etc. Different material will have a different effect. For a sleek contemporary look, opt for minimalistic steel base. Incorporate accents of marble and brass in your floor lamp for a luxurious and elegant design. To give your room more warmth, you can complement with elements of wood.

Marble Brass Floor Lamp for Living Room | Buy Luxury Floor Lamps Online India    

Colour – Pick colours which will complement the colours of the your furniture. If you have a brown or beige couch, then a floor lamp base with gold accents will beautifully complement your space. If you have shades of grey in your furniture, then a silver floor lamp will do the trick. Having said that, don’t feel afraid to mix and match colours when choosing the lampshade. Lighter lampshades illuminate a wider area, while darker lampshades are better for atmospheric lighting.

February 26, 2018 — Sanjoli Jain

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